Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Rao insists his mind show and his corporate training are separate concepts : “I’m an ‘edu-tainer’ because I mix education and entertain”.

For demonstrating someone the techniques, it’s important that the person co-operates.  Its difficult getting result out of a non-responsive person.

Ending with a standing ovation and with rave reviews in the press the next day, Deepak Rao promised to come back soon with yet another New Show.  Deepak Rao’s ‘ESP’ Book was purchased in bulk by Charisma LLC and each guest was given a complimentary copy as a take-away from the show.

“I am called Conference Energizer”, says the man with a fun-loving demeanour.  “But, more than the humour, I like to keep the Shock & Awe going”, says Deepak who can make you laugh every other second.  “My presentations are entirely home-grown and the concept is totally new.  It is a unique kind of show and to the best of my knowledge, I don’t think there is anyone in Asia, Africa, Far East or Middle East who does such shows”.

The reaction from the majority of the packed audience was a cohesive ‘brilliant’ at the end of the show.  “It was hard for the skeptic among us to dismiss his ability” said one among them.

Deepak Rao is also known for his Fun Mind-Opening Training Sessions, structured to ‘Think out of the Ordinary’.  He brings an element of fun, style and panache, along with ‘Genuine Learnings’ which are guaranteed to add tremendous ‘Edu-tainment Value’.  Deepak Rao has thus proved to be India’s leading Motivational Speaker and Corporate Edu-tainer.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Deepak Rao has been presenting his ESP Show to the creame of the corporate world since 1990.

His demonstrations involved experiments in intuition, telepathy, tele-kinesis and are conducted with total audience participation and to date Rao has conducted over 150 presentations to large corporate houses and elite social groups.